26th May 2012 0:38
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What doesn’t stop wars = you hating soldiers while your privileged ass goes to college and gets educated. That’s what they thought they’d be doing when they enrolled to the Marines. Oh but wait a second, they couldn’t afford it? That’s why they enrolled? The reality that they might be sent over seas [to fight wars for people who’ve exploited their vulnerability] never sunk in?

It’s fine to be principled and hate war, hate the draft, hate whatever, OBVIOUSLY. But the reality is one of war, a “voluntary” enrollment to the military that targets poverty-struck communities, usually communities of color, etc. In other words, business as usual in America.

So take your principles and channel them - don’t confuse the symptoms for the causes.

25th May 2012 1:53
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超自然 | 天堂 • 地獄 • 兄弟
Supernatural | heaven • hell • brothers

starring Harry Shum Jr as Sam Winchester


this is also a PSA that I will be posting Winchineseters stuff to xenoamorist instead of here :)

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The best campaign counter-attack video I HAVE EVER SEEN. Obama 2012 

”So we’re going to call their BS when we see it and we need your help to call them on it too and set the record straight. So share this, tweet it, facebook it, I keep hearing about tumblr and whatever that is…please use that too. Thank you.”

-Stephanie Cutter / Deputy Campaign Manager at Obama for America. 

And a Tumblr shout-out. 

Using that Tumblr thing.

Obama is the coolest politician ever! I just wish he was ruling the UK! Fuq da queen

Dear GOD I HAVE WANTED VIDEOS LIKE THIS TO HAPPEN. I’m so fucking tired of smear campaigns. 

‘Cuz if they want to get down and dirty, they fuckin’ with the right ones.

I feel like this campaign is gonna get exciting simply because it looks like the Obama campaign is just not going to put up with any bullshit, nonsense, and outright lies.

Obama’s reelection team is amazeballs.

24th May 2012 21:18
If huangrong @ tumblr has followed you, it is me. i’m sort of making a transition.

But I might just make it my fandom journal. Or something.

I haven’t quite decided.

24th May 2012 21:13
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I love Appa so much omg ;3;

Edit: Left out a bit of what Aang said so I just re-added it eheh

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Africa is not a country, it is a continent. There are sovereign states and territories in Africa. There are thousands of languages and different cultures in Africa. Understand this and understand it now.